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What is the Role of a good Logo in Business growth ?

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The Role a logo for business growth. Why do a business need one?

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A logo is not just a a combination of text and visual imagery but it tells the readers the name of the company and shows a visual picture of the business essence and connects to people’s memory. Just have a look at international brand logos, with a single look we get connected to the whole company.

Why a logo is required?

  1. It builds trust amount customers
  2. Increases business potential
  3. If logo is not professionally designed customer take that business as not so much authentic and doubts the ability to provide quality service.

What should a good small business logo contain?

  1. Logo should be easy to read an easy to remember
  2. Should be original, not a copied one
  3. Logo design must apply to all medias (web, print, clothing, wood etc)
  4. Logo should be scalable, can be resized with quality loss
  5. Logo must carry the business essence otherwise it is not of much impact

Use your Logo Artwork properly

Global brands keep their brand guidelines ready for the usage of the logo in documents. These documents cover things like:

  1. Different variations of the logo and where they should and shouldn’t be used.
  2. All don’s & donts for logo usage
  3. Where Logo should be place and what should or what shouldn’t appear near logo

Such guideline and extremely helpful in the case when different teams are working at different locations. So brand manual like this helps in maintaining consistency.

Usage of colours must be as per the usage

For Business cards, or for website. You need different colour format. For silk screen printing you need different set of colours.

How do I get a logo?

Spending money on designing a logo is an ‘Investment’. You really reap profits once you have a professionally designed logo.

The best way to get a logo is to have it professionally designed.  You can get cheap design services but if you have a quality logo which depict your business then nothing bad in spending on it.

As logo design take immense brainwork as well as hardwork, only a professional can help you for that. By going for a small freelance graphic designer or print shop with an in-house designer, you’re going to avoid paying thousands that you might pay with an ad agency or large design firm but still get a quality logo with personal service.  These small design businesses are also excellent at designing business cards and print materials so you can often get good deals by getting them to design your business cards, stationery and logo at once.  This also helps you nail that brand consistency.

How can TheLogoWorld.com help you

We at TLW offer you original concepts for your business logos which e believe is the face of your business. You can have a look at our portfolio and select the suitable package for your logo design. You can also send your requirement at design@thelogoworld.com, visit our website www.thelogoworld.com for all information.

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  1. Monika says:

    True. Perfect Logo is always the back bone of a business.

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