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Logo Design for Spanish Photographer
July 2, 2016
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July 25, 2016

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding


Colors are of varied types and there are distinct psychologies behind these colors. Colors are always taken as a psychology builder and it has a huge impact on the psychology of human being. We always heard that people should avoid black color during summers and prefer light colors during summers, what’s the matter? Nothing but a Psychology. Psychology has a lot of impact over people’s action so it is a perfect source for marketing and branding. In the color of the company’s logos, we see different kinds of colors. For a common eye, it’s just a color but if we go to the depth, those colors have its own values and attributes.

You have seen different uses of colors in the logos of different companies. Such colors reflect the values, qualities, and features of the business. Every color delivers a message and linked with certain areas, and the color of company’s logos opt such qualities of colors to showcase the nature of business.

Let’s understand the psychology of color in marketing and branding:


The red color is the most common marketing color that is impressive and uses to attract the attention of people. Wherever you go, you will find the advertisement and marketing of offers, discounts and any other extra feature given by the company in red background. This is because the red color attracts the attention of public passing by the advertisement. It’s a color of excitement and passion and creates a sense of urgency. Food chain like KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut and so on are using this color as their brand logo.


Blue color is associated with a feeling of peace, reliability and tranquility which is rarely seen in the logo of fast food chain because they are curbing the appetite. This color can be easily seen on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn because they are associated with trust, dependability and reliability.


If we look about the color green, it is a color linked with tranquility, power, health and nature and that is the reason why this color is highly used by the organization related to environmental protection agency. It can be seen in the company that is delivering environmental products and services and delivering green products and services.


The purple color is linked with loyalty, respect, wisdom and luxury that is because this color is usually found in the outfit of kings and queens many years ago. This color is using by Hallmark in its logo which delivers a feeling of luxury and nostalgia.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange are colors that are cheerful and promote optimism. It’s a color that companies use for to incite impulse buying. You can easily see many templates, pamphlets, newsletters and infographics as yellow and orange color in the background. Such colors give an optimistic feeling to people and this is because it’s used for marketing purpose.

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