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January 28, 2016
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Forecasting Logo Designing Trends Of 2016


Logos are integral part of any product or company,which gives them unique identity and creates an unforgettable image in peoples’ mind.The market for logos designing has been growing immensely popular in recent years. As the competition in the market has been increasing on day bases, companies always tries to come up with new innovative ideas to sell their products and get ahead of everyone. The designing concepts, the look and feel have undergone huge changes with the passing time. Nowadays, there are different styles of logos which represent its products and company in a much more simplified and effective manner.

The logo designs change every year depending on the latest trends followed by people and some of the them starts new trend also. A logo with simple design is easy to recognize and usable in any situation. After the introduction of Web 2.0 in 2007, the logo making industry changed entirely as it gave lots of power in the users’ hands.

Hottest Design Trends in Logo Making

Some of the starting trendsetters like shadow effects, rounded 3D logos, clouds, transmission beams, talk boxes etc. are the base of modern era logo designing, which we know today. Logos with people in them indicate company, products or services that brings people together. These symbols of people help the users to relate themselves with the company in effective way. Some of the trends emerged recently is the use of transparency, punctuations, outlines and different forms of rectangular designs which took logo designing to new heights.

Logo Designs to Watch Out For

The art and science of logo designing is transforming as quickly as the opportunity to engage consumers grew and this change is the result of fast technological advancements. The design trends that will be followed by many company in 2016include some of the new innovative ideas and techniques.

Handmade logos convey an effort to be intimate or personal and this trend has been slowly gaining popularity for several years’ now. Handmade elements and font sets will be more noticeable as the year progresses.

Kinetic logos have greater appeal and its style offers freshness. In this type of design, the companies name is encased in coloured shapes to make graphic into a logo. Nickelodeon channel’s logo is a great example of kinetic design.

Negative space is an inspiring field in the designing world which shows the creativeness of the designer. Designers use alternative colour in graphic to show dual imaginary representation of products. It is used to convey deeper messages or multiple meaning with simplicity and no extra elements are required.

Flat designs are another area which is in demand since its arrival. It dominates logo designing because of its cleaner look and fast loading in any browsing device. It is also evident that flat designs make logos easily identifiable and almost iconic. Microsoft is the live example of flat logo design as they implemented it in their every logo.

Monolines use line of unchanging thickness to design and compose the logo. This design gives a classic black & white feel to the logo and its ability to present clean with a hint of craft is appreciated in designing world.

Letter stacking is another creative way of designing logos and has been fairly popular. It offers solutions for presenting long text in visual bytes, but sometimes it can be very challengingto make sense out of the logo.

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