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June 17, 2016
Logo Design for spanish Photographer
Logo Design for Spanish Photographer
July 2, 2016

4 Elements of an Excellent Corporate Logo Design


Corporate Logo or Company Logo reflects the identity and standard of a company and establish an image in the market among the shareholders, customers, governmental authorities, clients and so on. It’s the first thing which public notice about a company. A strong and consistent corporate logo design shows the strong establishment of the company in the market and also clarifies the highness of the company, its owners and employees work under its banner. So the thing is it’s mandatory to produce such logo of the company that reflects the values and establishment of company in the market. The design of the logo is the most important thing that must be done properly and by meeting several factors.

The design should be relevant for customers in the market, impressive, creative, simple and sober but influential. We believe the corporate logo design depends on the nature of business, so it’s important to know about the nature of business, its products and services first before going further and start producing a logo. There are different elements that define an excellent corporate logo design, let’s see such elements in appropriate manner below:


The first and the most important element of an excellent and most successful corporate logo design is its simplicity.       The design of the logo must be simple and sober, the over use of extra features, colors, design tools, fonts and others materials can ruin the prestige of logo design and turn into funny and pathetic. So the first thing you need to understand while designing a logo is its simplicity.


Overuse of fonts and designs tools makes a disgusting and improper design of the corporate logo and when it goes public, it ruins the reputation of the corporation. So the important thing is build that design of the logo that is readable means easy to read and understand. Usually people recognize the name of the company by its logo than its name. They first notice the logo than the company name written in the text. So it’s essential to make a logo readable so people can recognize the company name by its logo.

Reflect Company Image

Corporate logo reflects the image and standard of the company to the public in the market including stakeholders, customers, clients and even governmental authorities. So it is necessary to design a logo in that way that it can reflect the high standard of logo to the public. It should be sober but influential that looks excellent in nature.


We are giving exposure to colors particularly because as text or font matter, colors also matters. The colors of the logo design are depending on the company’s logo. The technology related companies like Dell, Intel use blue color in the design and font of the logo. So the proper selection of colors is important to deliver a marvelous design of the corporate logo.

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